Global Forensic Science 2023


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Forensic Science 2023

Forensic science is that provision for science to criminal and customary laws, essentially on the criminal aspect throughout the criminal investigation, likewise legislated toward those lawful norms concerning permissible proof and criminal technique. Measurable researchers collect, preserve, moreover investigate experimental proof throughout that course concerning the associate examination. Longdom Conferences organizing “4th International Conference on Forensic Science & Technology “on the theme “Futuristic Vision of Forensic Science".

Forensic Science Market Segmentation:

Around 20 Universities offering Forensic Research are present in Australia and 162 universities all over the world in which they provide around 19 Bachelor’s degree. According to Australian market analysis by 2017 the market value of forensic products, forensics and services will be approximately 20 billion AUD are spending on forensic products & services and 2.3 billion AUD in DNA testing and 1.6 dollar AUD  on Biometrics and 3.1 billion AUD on other forensic products. Major Forensic Science Societies around the Globe.


  1. The Forensic Science Society
  2. International Society for Forensic Genetics
  3. Forensic Geosciences Group
  4. The Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences
  5. Society of Forensic Toxicologists, Inc.
  6. The Australian and New Zealand Forensic Science Society
  7. Cornell Forensics Society  

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